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Sudon Daigle 


International High Performance Mindset Strategist, Coach, RTT Therapist, Axiology Practitioner,

Motivational Speaker and Author

Sudon is passionate and purpose driven when it comes to supporting and coaching athletes to be the absolute best version of themselves on a personal and professional level. She is described as being the best kept secret in the sports world. Through creating meaningful and positive relationships with her clients; she authentically invests in their successes by playing full out with custom designed programs to meet their individualized needs and goes beyond meeting their end game goals. Sudon offers individualized services and group based programs which provide fast, impactful and solution focused results so athletes can excel in mastering their inner game at an accelerated level!

Her love of sports began at a very early age due to her very close relationship to her Papa. Between road trips to watch professional baseball games in the US, to sitting in the stands at the local hockey arena and watching him coach basketball; Sudon grew to understand a lot about sports. When Sudon was older, her mentor offered insight to understanding the importance of a focused, positive and competitive mindset for an athlete based on his experience as a professional football player.

She has utilized over 20 years of education, training and experience to develop one of the fastest and high impact programs available. She combines the most powerful therapies, high performance mindset coaching strategies, scientific based modalities and science based assessments to provide performance driven results. The most common feedback Sudon received from professional athletes was they wished they could have worked with Sudon when they were younger. They said if they had the competitive edge and mindset sooner they would have excelled faster, been more confident and played better. So Sudon decided to make the same programs available to all athletes and opened the International Sports Mindset Academy.


Registered member of the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Diploma in Sports Psychology, RTT Therapist, Degree in Psychology, High Performance Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker, Certified Axiology Practitioner and Published Author of the book Three Words To Live By.

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